This is our acrylic version of our Whistlin Dixie wood duck calls. We can make this call in any color combination of your choosing. It features the same reeds as our original wooden Whistlin Dixie, but this acrylic version gives you the perfect chance to make your call unique. This call is easy to blow and is great for any skill level of caller. 

Please read!

Please be as specific as possible when describing the colors you would like. For example, if you have multiple colors that you would like swirled, please specify this. Unless otherwise specified, colors will be solid - if you would like them transparent or to add pearl, please specify this as well. Please specify which color you would like the insert and which color you would like the barrel, or if you would like the full call the same color.

Custom Acrylic Whistlin Dixie

  • Please note that custom calls make take up to 3 weeks to ship. Please note when placing a custom order that colors and patterns do vary and while we do our best to match every customer's wishes, we are not responsible for any dissatisfaction due to this.

  • Selecting yes below under Optional Custom Engraving allows you to personalize your call with text of your choosing. Text will be engraved onto the call exactly how it is entered into the text field by the customer. Standard placement of the engraving is on the back of the barrel. If you would like the engraving to be elsewhere on the call, such as the band or insert, please also type that in the box below. To have an image engraved instead of text, please notate in the text field that you would like an image engraved and send us an email at including the image and your order number once you complete your order.